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My inspiration comes from the world of the inner mind, observations of a human psyche, contemplation and expression about life & death and the overall idea of transience.

Art for me is a way to search, recognize, describe, and preserve my own experiences and feelings; the concept strongly bonded with the “theory of expression”, but significantly reaching out much deeper and showing art not only as a way of expression but also as a method of researching and finding out more about oneself.


My art is also used as the way to capture things and objects that are elusive, things that are beyond human experiences. It is a way to show subjects that are beyond our senses and imagination. It is an effort to search for, recognize and capture the world that we do not have a single idea of existence.


Fascination about those different states is one of my biggest inspirations. Other subjects that fascinate me are strongly bonded with psychiatry and psychology fields; psychopathology of expression is definitely one of the studies that interest me the most. Few other ones that I would like to mention are: the observation of the nature, human body and its beauty, and just everyday life and its spontaneity and originality.


Since the beginnings of the humanity, people were able to show the ability to picture emotional states in a visual form. The unprofessional art over the years turned out to be a pillar to the professional art that we are able to experience today. I believe the works of people with the history of Schizophrenia are also the part of what we call today “the professional art”. The art that those people create show deep emotional experiences that are being transferred into incredible visions and dreams. They are being very closely attached to the areas and concepts of art that existed in 20th century. What is more, there is no coincidence that many artists of that era were inspired by the primitive and naive art and what concludes that statement – the art of the Schizophrenic individuals.


Mental illness does not make a person talented in an artistic way, but it can definitely extract that special ability from a human being. It can increase creativeness, and make it extremely unique and original.


Master Degree in Fine Art - Department of Art-Pedagogical University of Krakow




2001 Solo Art Exhibition, Moliere’s Gallery, Krakow, Poland


2014 Solo Art Exhibition, Hamtramck Public Library, Hamtramck, MI 

​Atomic Cafe Phase 2, Hamtramck, MI

Hamtramck Neighborhood Art Festival, Atomic Cafe, Hamtramck, MI

Tangent Gallery 'Damned Exhibition VII', Detroit, MI

Detroit Artists Market 'Art for the holidays', Detroit, MI​​


2015 Detroit Artists Market 'Meditations of the Politics of Identity', Detroit, MI

2016 Detroit Artist Market 'Garden Party', Detroit, MI

2017 Solo Art Exhibition, Polonia Restaurant, Hamtramck, MI


2018 Tangent Gallery 'Damned Exhibition XI', Detroit, MI

2019 Van Der Plas Gallery 'Metamorphosis' Exhibition, New York, NY 

Solo Art Exhibition 'Signs', Oloman Cafe, Hamtramck, MI

Miroslawa Sztuczka Art